Found the only parking lot available but it’s a narrow parking space? Gone are the times when you have difficulty alighting from the car in narrow spaces. The Toyota Sienta is equipped with a powered sliding door, ensuring seamless entry and exit even at the tightest spaces avoiding damage to your precious car.

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Toyota Sienta 1.5X Petrol

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Toyota Sienta 1.5X Petrol

• Keyless Entry/Start/Stop
With the advancement of technology, where security movements are gradually improving. Apart from the quick and easy way to enter and exit your car, the keyless function adds an element of security.


Toyota Sienta 1.5X Petrol

• Electric Foldable Side Mirrors
This can come in handy if you’re not always great at remembering to lock your doors. This function will be activated the moment you lock your car. It serves as a reminder that your car is locked, without having any constant worry of theft.

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Toyota Sienta 1.5X Petrol

• Fully Stowable Rear Seats
With the amount of space, it gives convenience to load and offload items. The rear seats can be completely folded flat for even more luggage space for your weekend getaway or good for some picnic fun. Passengers. will enjoy the plenty of space, buffed gym-goers no longer need to worry about shoulder to shoulder touching. That's practicality and functionality in a small powerful machine.

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