Looking for an all-rounder that not only brings you around but one that can do much more? The Toyota Camry fits the bill with its strong characteristic of being a practical and reliable family car. A new refreshed look, accomodates a family comfortably, and a trunk that easily stores your luggage for your road trips. Furthermore, enjoy lower fuel consumption with hybrid tech and drive confidently in one of the most safest family car!

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Toyota Camry 2.5G Hybrid

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Toyota Camry 2.5G Hybrid

• LED Headlights / Foglights
Paired simultaneously with its distinctive LED headlights and foglights, it creates a functional yet aesthetic element to the car. Lighting up the dark roads ahead clearly to avoid any potholes and undone road works. Thus, increasing all road users' safety by avoiding any form of accident.


Toyota Camry 2.5G Hybrid

• Driver's Seat Height Adjuster
Having issues of not being able to see the road ahead clearly? Getting this as a shared car, this function will resolve most issues where different drivers could adjust to their own perfect postioning for a better vision to ensure a safer driving experience.

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Toyota Camry 2.5G Hybrid

• Fully Collapsible Rear Seats
Too hot or too cold? Now comes with an intelligent controlled air-con system that keeps you feeling cool while driving in different weather conditions. One less thing to set before driving off.

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