Standing out from others in its class, the Toyota C-HR with a larger engine displacement of 1.8L paired with hybrid technology that brings a fun adrenaline yet eco-friendly experience. Suitable for daring young urbanites pursuing a striking design and agile handling.

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Toyota C-HR "S" 1.8 Hybrid

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Toyota C-HR "S" 1.8 Hybrid

• Electric Folding Wing Mirrors
Ever been a tight spot where you have difficulty going pass two cars? This function enlightens car lovers’ worries in tight space constraints. With the automatic electric folding wing mirror, it allows you to fold your mirror in to avoid anything knocking and scratching your precious car.


Toyota C-HR "S" 1.8 Hybrid

• Toyota Safety Sense
The Toyota Safety Sense has a special adaptive cruise control system where you will be able to ease yourself in bad traffic. It detects the vehicle right in front of you, where it will automatically increase or decrease its speed accordingly based on the distance between you and the vehicle. All you have to do is to place your feet on the brake to prevent any mishaps!.

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Toyota C-HR "S" 1.8 Hybrid

• LED Headlight
Compared to traditional headlights, LEDs offer brighter, whiter and casting a larger field of coverage when driving in low light conditions. Road signs, markings and shoulders will be much easier to spot. Making night time driving more comfortable and safe.