Jack Cars Service Centre

Jack Cars Service Centre was created to assure you that we will work alongside you through your car needs and problems after your car purchase. Jack Cars Service Centre specializes in both cars servicing as well as car repairs services with the most advanced equipment and the latest diagnostic kits. This made Jack Cars the only direct car parallel importer that has an in-house service workshop branded under ourselves. All car services at Jack Cars Service will be wrapped up with a free car wash and vacuum. Apart from car servicing and car repairs, Jack Cars Service Centre provides a wide array of services. Namely, 24-hour roadside assistance, accident claims, and reporting, as well as car grooming services.

Car Maintenance

The maintenance of your car is important to ensure that your safety has not been compromised. We adopt pioneering diagnostic test technology for a seamless and impeccable servicing and maintenance experience. A proactive stance towards your car with regular diagnostic tests allows us to identify any complications with your vehicle and forestall any potential danger to ensure your safety.


COMPLIMENTARY pick up and drop off service that sends your car for its due servicing on your behalf,
offered to you exclusively by Jack Cars.

Inconvenience and hassle from sending your car down for servicing? We understand that you are a busy individual. It has finally been eliminated with us. With our complimentary car concierge service, our specialist will pick up your car from your preferred location island-wide, before returning the ready car to you at any location you choose. We aim to make car ownership a delightful and stress-free experience. Thus Jack Cars Car Concierge was implemented to provide convenience and time efficiency to all customers. You can be guaranteed that we prize your needs and convenience about it all.



You are our utmost priority, you deserve the best experience. With our speedy services, you may wish to stay at our workshop while getting your car done. A cozy yet comfortable lounge has been allocated specially for you. Refreshments, wifi, and movies are provided. This allows you to utilize your time efficiently to work on some urgent matters or enjoy the latest screen entertainment while getting your car service.



At Jack Cars Service Centre, we strive to ensure that our customers trust us with both your car purchase and car maintenance. Therefore, all cars purchased at Jack Cars will be warrantied by Jack Cars Service Centre. You can be rest assured that all repair and maintenance work done will be done efficiently with top-notch quality, keeping your warranty valid at all times.

These are some of the parts covered by Jack Cars Warranty, however not limited to: Engine, Gearbox, Braking System, Clutch System, Steering Mechanism, Casing, and more. Free servicing will be provided for the first 1,000km, 10,000km, and 20,000km. These services include oil changes, oil filter, as well as labour charges.

Jack Cars Service Centre

Our operating hours are:
9am - 6pm (Monday - Friday)
9am - 4pm (Saturday)

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Tel: +65 6748 8824

Jack Cars Service Centre
#01-448/450/452, Blk 3007,
Ubi Road 1, Singapore 408701