Hankering for speed, power and adrenaline each time you step against the pedal? The GLC43 should be your choice of decision, powered by a robust built V6 engine that performs extremely well despite it's huge body styling. Be the first to sprint when the light turns green while others gaze at the tail lights left behind by the exhilarating speed. But don't forget, to drive safe, be alert and responsible on the road.

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MERC - GLC43 AMG Coupe

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GLC43 AMG Coupe

• Burmester Sound System
The quintessential feature, encompassing your cabin space with the Burmester Sound System exclusively for your acoustic driving experience. Not found in many, it's equipped with vehicle noise compensation system that lets you enjoy the best possible sound clarity, just like in the movies.


GLC43 AMG Coupe

•Airmatic Suspension
Enjoy stability through corners and uneven terrains on airmatic suspension that self levels without compromsing on comfort, even while fully loaded with passengers and bags. Furthermore, you can raise the car to avoid scrapping the bottom of the car when faced with a steep slope.

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GLC43 AMG Coupe

• 360 All Round Camera
With such a huge presence, it could get a little challenging to check your blind spots. The 360 camera displays a visual surround of your car's exterior, so contact against kerbs and objects will be easy to avoid.


GLC43 AMG Coupe

• Active Parking Assist
Parking can also be very challenging, and that's why with the active parking assist, you wont have to stress in difficult situations. Let the onboard system assist and guide you throughout the parking sequence and you'll be perfectly aligned in the lot.

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