Always facing problems when it comes to decision-making? Money flow in the direction of value. Why not place your money on something that you can get the most out of it. With the Mercedes E-class you can have comfort, sportiness and luxury all in one package!

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MERC - E200 SE

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E200 SE Saloon

• Full Digital and Multimedia Display Panel
Ever got distracted during your drive? Always squinting to look for the necessary information? With this feature in place, all vital information such as maps, driver assistance features calls out at you immediately. This allows you to have an improved driving experience and safety.


E200 SE Saloon

• 360 Degree All-Round Camera
With such a huge presence, it could get a little challenging to check your blind spots. The 360 camera displays a visual surround of your car's exterior, so contact against kerbs and objects will be easy to avoid.

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E200 SE Saloon

• Panoramic Sliding Sunroof/ Glass Roof
Your car has been heated up after parking in an open space carpark? Can't deal with the food odor from your take aways? The panoramic roof feature fixed it all! The E200 will receive additional ventilation with the roof open, which can reduce problematic odors or freshen a stale environment, while providing extra fresh air.


E200 SE Saloon

• Blind Spot Assistance
Detest those moments where a vehicle appears out of a sudden, causing an emergency brake or an accident? With this feature design specially to provide road users safety, it can make one of the major sources of danger in traffic visible. It is everyone's responsibility to keep the road safe.

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