Luxury = Hole in your pocket? Say goodbye to the days of digging your pockets for a luxurious car. The A200 gives you Grams light in your pocket, tons of safety and comfort. Remaining the youth and sporty elements of you!

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A200 AMG Hatchback (Premium Plus)

• Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) Multimedia System
Keep your hands on the steering wheel and let the on-board intelligent voice control assist you. Natural speech recognition offers you an outright new level of interaction with the car, with the ability to learn thanks to artificial intelligence.


A200 AMG Hatchback (Premium Plus)

• Active Parking Assist
Finally you found a parking lot but it's a parallel parking nightmare. With the active parking assist, you don't have to do the guessing work. Let the system guide you for a worry-free parking.

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A200 AMG Hatchback (Premium Plus)

• Sports Seats with Alcantara Leather
Upkeep the sporty vibe with AMG body styling and optional alcantara leather seats. Making a statement of performance both inside and out.

• Sliding Glass Roof
Car parked under the sun and cabin has been heated to be too uncomfortable to sit in? The sliding glass roof helps to dissipate the cabin heat faster, and also making the cabin brighter and bigger than it seems to be!