For the more safety conscious driver, Honda Sensing Technology is a great option to look at. It offers a package of safety features which is designed to work seamlessly, by alerting you to dangers such as lane keeping and collision sensing to name a few, that you might miss while driving.

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Honda Vezel 1.5X Petrol Sensing

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Honda Vezel 1.5X Petrol

• Climatic Air-Con
Smart air-con controlled system that works like a thermostat, using interior sensors to maintain the ambient and cabin temperature to help you stay cool and alert while driving through the traffic, as conditions outside the car change.


Honda Vezel 1.5X Petrol

• Honda Sensing Technology
A suite of innovative safety features that assist alongside drivers, keeping them safe and lowering risk of accidents/collisions. You can drive confidently, knowing that the system has your back, front and sides.

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Honda Vezel 1.5X Petrol

• LED Headlight
Compared to traditional headlights, LEDs offer brighter, whiter and casting a larger field of coverage when driving in low light conditions. Road signs, markings and shoulders will be much easier to spot. Making night time driving more comfortable and safe.