Adding hybrid technology gets you better mileage and an extra total of (150bhp) when you step on the gas. You’ll notice an increase of comfort, lesser engine noise and at least 2 times lesser fuel consumption through your commute.

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Honda Vezel 1.5 Hybrid with Sensing

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Honda Vezel 1.5X Hybrid with Honda Sensing

• Electronic Handbrake
Shifting from the traditional manual handbrake to the electronic handbrake provides a more secure hold with little effort when stationary. Free-ing more space to give a cleaner look in the cabin.


Honda Vezel 1.5X Hybrid with Honda Sensing

• Honda Sensing Technology
A set of driver assisted technology that provides plenty of benefits for the everyday driver. Providing a more safe and complete driving experience.


Honda Vezel 1.5X Hybrid with Honda Sensing

• LED Headlight
The LED headlight are created to shine the roads brighter as compared to others. It helps to light up the dark roads ahead clearly to avoid any potholes and undone road works, while not blinding the vision of the car in front of you. Thus, increasing all road users' safety by avoiding any form of accident.