Your car is a reflection of who you are. For a car to perform at its absolute optimum, servicing and maintenance are vital to assure your safety and security. Supported by our dedicated yet meticulous professionals and the use of pioneering diagnostic technology, we are well equipped to supervise and steward every detail of your car to provide a comprehensive driving experience. Ultimately, we complete your experience with us with a complimentary car wash and vacuum. Through this, we aim to subtract all your worries and hassle while adding joy and convenience to facilitate a holistic experience unlike any other, specially for you.

Speedy Service

You are our utmost priority, and we understand how important time management is. To cater to you busy bees, we aim to complete a usual car servicing within 1 hour. Make the most of a service that fits your daily routine.


To provide a holistic experience, the Jack Cars Service Centre has built a team of professional mechanics that are well-experienced, and has the knowledge in all aspects of a car. Additionally, our skilled professionals are equipped and proficient to administered to both Continental and Japanese cars. With the use of diagnostic tools, it enables us to visualise a complete picture in order to perform the best repair possible. Therefore, you may be rest assured that your car will be well serviced and fixed to the best state possible with our meticulous and dedicated motor mechanics who take pride in their work.


Jack Cars Service Centre is a full-service workshop that includes car grooming services. Your car is a reflection of who you are. Your car would require works to ensure they look aesthetically good. Prevention is better than cure, the car grooming and detailing has been specially catered to all the car-lovers to keep your car well protected.

JC-Cozy Grooming-1


We keep your car spick and spank from the inside out! With our extensive range of cleaning and detailing service, you can rest assured that your car has been through its well-deserved ‘spa’ after braving through the rain and shine. Offering one of the best products and services, this grooming service keeps your car shine for the next few months.

It is a PACKAGE DEAL! You glow from the inside, so does your car. Jack Cars Car Grooming starts from: a foam wash, tagging along with claying services, 2 stage polish, 1 layer sealant, to keeping your engine bay clean, as well as Rims and Tyre Shine on the exterior. Similar services will be provided in the interior; leather cleaning and shine, in-depth vacuum, and sanitization. This service keeps your car fresh as new! Ultimately, this service is provided to all Jack Cars customers (when you purchase a car) to ensure that you receive your new car in the best condition.



Jack Cars Service Centre is a full-service groomer that specializes in an exterior coating to keep your car’s paint coat protected at all costs. We offer a 9H Glass coating along with a windscreen coating to remove all watermarks and stains on your car, leaving your car as good as new with an additional coating to keep it away from any damage. The quality of service and product provided at Jack Cars Service Centre is nothing less than the best.

Jack Cars Service Centre

Our operating hours are:
9am - 6pm (Monday - Friday)
9am - 4pm (Saturday)

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Tel: +65 6748 8824

Jack Cars Service Centre
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