Since 1984, Jack Cars is definitely reliable and trustworthy, providing the best deals and packages. Despite embracing technology and constantly seeking improvements, one thing that has stayed constant is putting your needs as our priority and allow you to possess your desired car.

Holistic Experience

We truly want to allow you to drive happy and prize your convenience above it all. We will be here throughout to ensure you the best experience before as well as after you have purchased the car. We believe car ownership should not be anything less than ease and joy.

What Are Parallel Importers And

What Differentiates Jack Cars From Others?

Parallel Importer (PI) in Singapore carries vehicle products that are purchased directly from the country of origin and sells them in Singapore. Unlike the Authorised Dealer (AD), PI takes in a variety of brand of vehicles, with better workmanship due to its manufacturing origin. The presence of parallel importers gives consumers more choices.

At Jack Cars, we are a direct Parallel Importer, where we have direct support from our supply chain, regardless of where it is from a factory in Japan or Europe. Therefore, we are able to provide first-hand information on the car and deliver your car in the shortest time span once it passes inspection. Coupled with our very own Jack Cars service centre, we are invested in ensuring you are well covered and given ample support.


Casetrust-SVTA Accredited

This CaseTrust-SVTA accreditation was designed in a bid to differentiate the trustworthy vehicle dealers who possess the foundation for transparency and good business practices and standards. The company takes pride in our transparency, our well-defined business practices and systems with well-trained personnel in place.

Our Milestones




In The Spirit Of Friendship And Happiness, 友興, Mr And Mrs Philip Ang Established Yew Heng Motor Company At 62 Changi Road With A Sustained Reputation For Revering Their Customers’ Needs. Their Friendships Forged With Customers Blossomed Along The Way, Coupled With Highly Innovative Approaches To Progress And Evolve, Led To Their Immense Growth.