Here are the steps to making your claims

1) Notify Relevant Parties

  • If there are injuries, dial 995 for the ambulance or 999 for the police. Do not remove the vehicles unless you need to rescue the injured parties. Move your vehicle to the side if no one is injured.
  • If you require tow-truck service or further advice on the accident, please call Jack Cars Service Centre 24-hour helpline at +65 67488824.

2) Collect Information

  • Take photographs of the accident scene and damaged vehicles. You may approach Jack Cars Service Centre for assistance to download the photographs.
  • Exchange information and particulars of driver/owner, including name, NRIC/FIN, telephone number, email address, insurer and policy number. Note down the vehicle registration number and vehicle details.
  • Note down the name, address, contact number of any eye-witness(es).
  • Avoid all unauthorised tow-truck operators or repair workshops.
  • Do not admit liability.

3) Report Accident

  • File a police report under the following circumstances:
    - injury case
    - hit and run case
    - non-injury involving:
    (a) government vehicle
    (b) damage to government property
    (c) foreign vehicle
    (d) pedestrian or cyclist
  • Report your accident and bring your accident vehicle (regardless of the extent of damage) to Jack Cars Service Centre within 24 hours or by the next working day. If you do not comply with this requirement, you may lose your No Claims Discount (NCD) (all or part) during your policy renewal and your rights to claim under the policy may also be affected.